Lower visibility at 'hotter' airports?

Good Day IFC,

Apologies if this has been asked before, however I have noticed that when flying to hotter destinations, there seems to be less visibility in IF.

For example, somewhere 30 degrees+ (such as Greece) always seems to have less visibility than somewhere cooler, which may not be the case in real life.

Hopefully someone can answer! (Feel free to change the topic category if incorrect)


I’ve been wanting to ask the same question


Totally agree with that and same with Spain, Italy, the whole Mediterranean region actually and it’s driving me mental.

For example, you do a Jet2 flight from the gloomy north of England (the visibility is always 50km there in IF) down to sunny Alicante (the visibility is always 10km there in IF)

Whereas it’s the complete opposite in real life obviously.

When I’m flying to Spain I wanna see the peng scenery there not have it covered with clouds/fog :(

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I’ve noticed that too.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that higher heat allows more evaporation, which as a result turns into condensation when high enough. This can reduce visibility

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There may be some truth with that, however there is no way somewhere like Malaga (always seems to be low vis in IF) is foggy during peak summer.

And that may well be the case, however I just find it strange!

Maybe air pollution is the cause.
In hot areas, there are many air conditioners in homes and buildings.
And air conditioners cause damage to the environment due to freon

Outside the temperature is currently 50 degrees Celsius
120 Fahrenheit

Whatever the case is, visibility, winds, weather, etc. are based on real time around the world

I mean Ive noticed it alot at the moment as I have been flying more and more around greece and the Eastern Med. I do not really know what the weather is really like or visibility but when I check FR24 the weather is always clear. But yet again I am not a weather expert. 🤣

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Here in the Middle East in the summer, we dont have fog, we have dust

Yes, and dust is not shown in IF.

The middle east is always foggy in IF, however sunny in real life, that is what baffles me.

@Drummer I think you’re saying that because that may be the case in your continent/area you live in.
Myself, a person who has been in Spain 7 times in my life both during summer & winter there was never condensation and reduced visibility. The skies in Spain are some of the most blue and clearest in Europe.

@AviatorFares I agree that there is pollution in some hot places in this world.
However, Spain is nowhere near a polluted country and the air very healthy there as I’ve experienced it myself.
In fact is the most polluted part of Europe is the south of Poland and it’s climate is temperate (hot in summer, very cold in winter)


The graphics code/backbone is outdated making things like this harder and require more performance, project metal i believe should help when it comes to graphics and more environmental features, i believe something like that, and right now, unless the visibility is 0 you will always see pretty much everything until last minute


Ah I see. That was the sort of answer I was looking for! Makes things clearer.

Thanks :)

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