Lower Fuel Costs Lead To Record Breaking Year For Delta

Delta Airlines’ 2019 was the best year in the airline’s history in terms of its operations, finances and customer satisfaction. Delta published its 2019 financial results. The adjusted earnings per share stood at $7.31, 30% higher than in 2018. The main reasons for such an increase were record revenues of $47 billion, up 7.5% year-on-year, alongside lower fuel costs.

Overall the $2.5 billion increase in passenger revenue came about as a result of the increased demand for business cabin and premium products that have gone up by $1.2 billion. Economy class sales and loyalty programs were respectively second and third drivers of the increased revenue.

Great Job Delta Hope 2020 will be better!

Merci! Thank for reading! :)


The best airline ever in the U.S and maybe the world (IMO), Delta!


Says the one named DeltaAviation 🙄


That’s my opinion, chill man, yours might be Ryanair for all we know and I won’t criticize.

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Delta is doing amazing this year! 👏

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No no, Delta is by far the best airline, especially out of the gags other US3

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Yes better then United and American! :)

Very much agreed. That’s my bad, I thought the eye roll was kinda like “rly no one cares” my bad now let’s not clog up the replies. 🙂

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Delta is indeed awesome, so happy to be a part of it. 😀


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