Lower framerate today?

Hey there, I did a flight earlier and noticed a rather significant drop in framerate throughout the whole flight compared to other days. I checked with a few people and they noticed it as well. Anyone else here who noticed that today the stuttering/fps became a lot worse? Perhaps something that the dev team is testing with or something that is causing lag?

As for flight details:
EGLL - LEVC passing over France and north Spain.

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Hi there can you provide some more details such as device and network?

Currently on a Ipad 2019 with a stable network connection. It’s not lag, it is stuttering/framedrops. I thought perhaps with 20.1 coming it may be a dev feature or something they’re testing that may cause stutters.

The first thing is to reboot your device prior to the flight to close any background apps. The stuttering is typically a result in a network issue.

No apps in the background, restarted the Ipad before the flight. Never had issues like such before until today.

Does it happen with every flight? Even on solo?

Even though your network may look fine, the download speed (which helps to control downloading scenery) may be slower than usual. Use the following link to test your internet connection. Hope this helps :)

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As I said, it is not a network issue.

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Same problem here, the moment I took off, I started to get reduced frame rate. It might be something to do with the system if everyone is experiencing it.

This is interesting. Let me do a flight real quick and see if I am experiencing it as well.

Do you happen to play on an Apple device? So far everyone that mentioned the issue is on an apple device. Perhaps a recent apple update or something?

Did you check to make sure your device wasn’t low power mode?

Put your device in front of a fan propped up. Sometimes it can overheat and cause frame rate drop, especially on long hauls.

Before each flight, restart your device and close all background running apps.

hope I helped. :)

No overheating, frame rate drop starts at the start of the flight. It’s neither on low power mode and a restart and wipe of background apps was done. It may have something to do with either 20.1 testing or perhaps an apple update by the looks of it now.

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20.1 testing should not impact you because you are on a different build than the testers.

Can you do a video showing the stutter so we can see what you are referring to.

To everyone replying, please read the entire thread of support topics. Questions do not need to be asked over and over that have been answered previously. @anon45500775 while you may have the same issue you are on a completely different device and may have a different response. Please start your own support topic so we do not minimize the OPs issue.

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It’s just the old and famous stuttering, nothing too hard to understand in that. But from asking around and noticing replies on this topic. So far everyone suffering from it plays on an apple device. Perhaps that has something to do with it? A recent update? Devices impacted so far: Ipad 2019, Iphone 11 pro max, Iphone 7.

When did this start?

For me today but I did not fly for a couple of days so it may have started earlier for others.

I just performed a test flight and everything is fine, no frame rate issues, etc. I used both the iPad mini 5th Generation and iPhone 11 Pro, all on iOS 13.4.1. I have a feeling that either your devices aren’t updated to the latest iOS, or there are apps running in the background that are eating up your RAM

Ipad is currently up to date and as I said, no apps are running in the background.

Okay I suggest someone contact a staff member. None of us will know the answer only they will. From reading the thread it seems like it’s an issue isolated to iOS devices. Reach out to them and see what they say.