Low water pass airports [Wiki]

Basically, what the title suggests is that airports such as St Maarten that come in close proximity to water upon landing will be marked down on this Wiki so people can look up cool places to go when a region is popular. Eventually this list may explode when Global is released, but I like this idea for now.

While a direct scale for what qualifies as a water pass airport is not set, airports as far from water as LAX will not be included.

Please tell me if it’s a duplicate, I searched and found nothing.

San Francisco:

  • KSFO - San Francisco International


  • PHNL

  • PHOG


  • L35 - Big Bear City Airport

  • KNUC - San Clemente Island Air Force Base


  • TNCM - St Maarten Princess Juliana Intl Airport

  • TAPA - VC Bird International Airport


  • EGLC - London City Airport

New York:

  • KJFK - John F Kennedy International Airport

  • KLGA - LaGuardia International Airport


  • KRNT
  • KAST
  • KPDX


  • YSSY - Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport
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In Socal KNUC

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I guess the ability to make a Wiki is no longer existent for this rank, but I will add as requested.

This sounded cooler in my head.

Singapore & Kuala Lumpur
-Singapore Changi Intl
-Batam Hang Nadim
-Pulau Tioman
I still can make it a wiki ‘o’

I think if a runway is more than 1000 feet away from water, then it shouldn’t count.

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What about Sydney?

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You can still make it a wiki.

I just did it.

I can confirm that it works.

Saba in the Caribbean

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YTZ, Toronto City Centre/Billy Bishop Airport. Well, for global…

Will be addable once we get it. Hype for this though.

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HPN in New York (my local airport) has a low water pass if you take the RWY 11 approach

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