Low visibility landing

Check out this really low visibility landing.

I have a question, why was the minimum callout at 20?


That’s the youngest the pilots are allowed to be, get it? Minimum age and 20 and…ah hehe I’ll mosy on to the door now


Wow intense ! Happy anniversary @Boodz_G!

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Thanks :)!

I wish we had runway lights on during low vis daytime landings. It would be so cool to see this landing in IF.

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With minimums being the minimum altitude you have to have runway in sight by, you dont exactly want it to be at 200ft when visibility is Cat III :)
Essentially Autoland allows for a lower minmums as you know that the aircraft is still heading in the correct direction and you know as a result the aircraft isn’t heading into say a mountain, thus the PF can delay his decison to land by a few hundred feet.

P.S Happy birthday

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