Low visibility landing

Whenever there is an airport with very low visibility the (fog) appears on the ground but when I’m on final and low the visibility stays on 50.00km then when I land and taxi off the runway the fog randomly appears any way to fix this because I really want to do ILS landings with low visibility.

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@Evan_bhufinn In which airport did this issue happen? Make sure that the METARS you read in the Airfield information are correct. There is a chance that the METARS could change on the time you were on final.

METARs can change, but not in the blink of an eye should the weather be completely different.

Fogs appears on low ground. you won’t see them above whatever the forecast. Fogs appear, disappear sudden in real life too. It doesn’t gradually change.

This would all depend on cloud layers as well. There may be clouds two thousand feel AAL, but they would only appear for a couple seconds to simulate the clouds. Same for the fog, as you may not always see it right on the ground, but slightly above in real life

Side note, I’m changing this from #support to #live as this isn’t an issue with the IF Application.

If you want to practice low viz approach, suggest that you go on to solo mode then you can change the visibility to your needs.


For some reason I’ve never thought about that! Great idea for practicing sidewind landings and weather etc 👍🏻

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When I am flying a plane for the first time, or not flown it in a long time, I always go to solo and start of landings from a short final to help “get my eye in” and practice the landings etc. It’s a very useful tool and makes sure I don’t mess up when I am on live.

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Its normally in any red dotted low SM airport and no the METARS didn’t change the fog just loads in after I land.

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You could also check https://www.badbadweather.com
Which you can search metars for airport with lowest visibility, highest wind etc.


Thanks for mentioning url, I forgot it. Been trying to remember an searching google for while :D

it always happens
once there were a typhoon crossed hong kong, our government issued the most serious warning, which was lvl 10
it was raining in hong kong really heavily, and of course thick fog.
i had nothing to do at home, and i flew from dubai to hong kong, when i was on final i think the visibility is around 200m and IF still said that it’s still 50km

Löw visibility is often not displayed really well on the simulator, but the lower it this the higher the chance to have it during approach (at least in my experience).

Yep that’s exactly what happens to me really annoying

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