Low visibility issues in Live

The last couple of days I have flown into VIDP because they have had low visibility and on live (expert server) the fog/clouds don’t appear until after I have landed and my approach into the airport is completely clear but when I go and watch the recording in replay it shows the low visibility while im still in the air . I tried to adjust the time to see if that helped while in live and it didn’t impact the visibility.

Any idea why the game is doing this and if there is a setting I need to adjust? Im playing it on an iPad Pro with 13.3

This is a known issue and will probably be worked on whenever a weather update comes out.

Edit: There is no known fix.

Thought i was the only one, i ve been having this issue for quite some time. Very annoying

We know. It’s in need of some love and will be getting it. Can’t tell when though.


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