Low visibility fog dissappears after climb

Is anyone experiencing low visibility or fog disappearing after climbing above the ceiling of the weather? I’ve purposely try to fly in some low visibility areas and when I start out the low visability is in place. However in one flight when I climbed above 3200ft it dissappeared completely. Decended below 3200ft and low vis popped back in. Repeated my climbs and decent and the low vis would pop in and out.

Is that supposed to happen? I thought 20.2 was allowing low vis/low level fog to stay in place during flight.

I’ve been able to duplicated this on 3 different flights on my galaxy S5E.

I think it was designed to be this way for now. Maybe in a future update, when they add clouds for example, it’ll cover the fog at the right altitude.

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I think the fog is not present above 3200 ft in real life at that time/location, And IF never said fog will remain on whole Flight

Yep, I’m also having this issue. It just suddenly disappears

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The way that is now works means there will be times like this that happen here and there. Essentially we now take into account other active/valid metars and we properly weight the current value based on the distance to each, with your departure and arrival destination having more of a weight in this calculation.

Are there any specific airports that this is happening at time and time again?

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Hi @MishaCamp . I had just been looking for poor vis conditions to fly in and don’t have any airports I repeatedly tried yet. RKSO was one of the airports I was testing around due to it’s low vis metars that day. We’re not talking about a long haul fight. Just flying around RKSO within 5nm with the low vis effect completely dissappearing after crossing above 2800ft on that particular test flight, then immediately reappearing below that altitude. Maybe did about 3-4 climbs and decents with the same consistent result.

Not sure what we should be seeing in that scenario.

Out of curiosity, what device are you flying on?

It hapens at all airports I’ve tried. Above 3000-4000 feet AGL the whole low vis effect disappears. When descending back to below this altitude, it comes back around the airport, approx when established on ILS. It is way better than it was before but I guess it’ll be further developed towards full weather implementation with clouds etc. Is there a certain area around airports where the metar affects visibility? If that’s the case, would be nice to have a much bigger area, so as you descend towards a low viability airport you don’t have clear weather and unlimited visibility until you’re 10miles from the airport. (still way better than when we had fog after landing though…)

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If your rendering quality isn’t set to high it may not appear as prominently, just putting that out there.


That is a good thought and probably good information for @MishaCamp to have. I can adjust that and see if that helps.

Currently my S5E graphics settings are
Rendering Quality: Medium
Rendering Resolution: High
Texture Quality: Hign

It’s known already. On the ground you’ll see the fog though under the correct circumstances.

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@Trio if that is the case then no worries. I just couldn’t find a post about this in relation to reported issues for the Beta testing. Thank you for your help.