Low visibility at night does not appear

Hey guys. I searched for this subject and didn’t find it. If I’m being repetitive I apologize.

There were situations at the airport with very low visibility, but during the day you can see the low visibility, but when I change to night. The impression I have is that it is cavok. Is it just me who sees this? I remember that in the old days low visibility was denser.
Is something being done or is this known? If you already have a discussion about it, you can tag me. Unfortunately it is very disappointing to arrive at night with an IFR arrival forecast, but the night looks like Cavok.
Let’s talk about.👨‍✈️😉



I can explain like this:

If you are in darkness room and someone opened phone flash. You can see light better than bright room. In IF we have lights too that’s why it can feel like there hasn’t any low visibility :D

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the logic of what you said.

Lights can effect I mean

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This I agree, but in my case I fly exactly like this. This is my setup totally in the dark.
Photo is an example how dark the room is. Have you even seen this low visibility effect today??

This old video shows how well the night with low visibility worked at the time.

Detail: Even during the day the visibility works. Today the runway lights cut these low visibility. That puts an end to the experience of simulating an ILS IFR. You are 10mn away with low visibility and you can see the runway. The cool thing when the approximation low you couldn’t see the runway.


This needs to be addressed. A lot of problems with night flying

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