Low Visibility Areas ?

Hi there , i was just wondering if anyone knows any airports or area which suffer from low visibility conditions most of the time. Id like to give myself a challenge and go and explore new places.
Thanks !


KPDX gets low visibility a lot of times.


Just check out the weather forecast. :P


Hmm… actually I expirence occasionally have some low visibility, mostly on the US west coast, like KSEA and KSFO

I was literally going to ask the same question.

This is about fog as well, right? I wanna fliy somewhere with dense fog!

I’m not going to check the forecast for every single area in the world, also looking for a new challenges and new areas to visit

If you really want to try then go to solo and turn the fog


not only that, I want to get fog and get a really cool picture above the mountains!

Totally agreed

KMRY current has a very low visibility of under 1/4sm



Just what i needed. Thank you !!!

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Perfect! Thanks!

Also, places with with a red dot instead of a green in the solid blue circle-thing means low visibility, I believe.

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thanks man

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Correct, the coloured dots represent conditions as follows

  • Green - VFR conditions (Ceiling > 3,000ft and visibility > 5 miles)
  • Blue - Marginal VFR conditions
  • Red - Instrument flight rules (Ceiling below 500ft and visibility less than 1 mile)

CYXS is pretty cool atm. You can‘t even see the aircraft.

FACT (Cape Town) sometimes has almost no visibility, one time it was like 0.05km of visibility

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