Low visibility and taxiing

Hey IFC,

Today I approached KLAX hidden in poorest weather and lowest visibility. While ILS brought me down safely I was completely overwhelmed leaving the runway and following taxi lines. Sight was almost 0. what do you do in such circumstances?
Any advice appreciated :)


Normally aircrafts taxi lights+taxiway lights will show you the taxi markings within a distance but because we don’t have proper lights in IF I don’t now what to do either.


Y, xactly that was my problem… following the route on the map was also impossible for me…

Instruments will always guide you home :)

I know that the 787 series aircraft incorporates an actual airport map in the MFD, however, I don’t know if it’s usable in this flight simulator. My advice is to follow the integrated world map.

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Welcome to what it was like taxiing one or two years ago when the fog worked just liked this. Thank the Lord, it’s been fixed, I missed taxiing aimlessly. You definitely have to take your time, max 10knts, if that. Google a taxiway diagram and try to follow the lines to eventually make it to the runway.


Adding on @Trio the new map feature can help greatly and also using the nose wheel camera can further help!

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We didn’t even have a taxiway map back then. Livin’ on a prayer. Was hilarious to watch from the tower camera.


Well, yes. I can assume that it was quite funny. Nevertheless no one wants to be reported due to bad sight.
To catch the right exit runway while traffic is on final forced me to speed up above 10kts. Well I quit beforehand :D

What „new“ map feature are you talking about? The standard map, I guess? (Not new for me, I joined a couple of weeks ago, so this is the standard for me :))
Even using this one it is tricky two handle, because you have to switch both views to use rudder.

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To be able to see the airport layout is something which was relatively recently introduced. (If you haven’t been around then as you wrote you obviously had no chance to understand my comment, sorry about that!)

Before it we had just the runways displayed and not the airport layout.

I agree and admit that it isn’t exactly a perfect solution.
You could also consider using the HUD view, as you can navigate using the mini map (HUD map). All these things are just workarounds though and I hope that taxi lights will arrive at some point to solve this kind of issues completely, but for the time being this is what I can recommend :)


Got it, thx! Fingers crossed getting these taxilights…

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If you are using live cockpit, you can turn on HUD map
Although I presume you are not because of the fog in cockpit bug

Its a known bug, maybe yours wasnt as severe, but other people are experiencing this

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Yes that’s what happened to me as well. Fog inside the cockpit. But even without it it would have been a tough challenge taxiing to parking.

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