Low visibility airport loads too late?

I have an ipad pro which has been running fine. I have not yet loaded IOS 13.1.2.
I noticed that on approach at a low visibility airport as reported in the map metar, the low visibility only changes/uploads once I have landed, and or exited the runway? I do not get the benefit of a low vis approach.
I checked the settings in general and graphics, and everything is set in max mode. Btw, I used to get the low visibility before but seemed to have lost it so time ago, perhaps on version update, but I can’t say exactly when.

Appreciate any help, suggestions.


This is a known bug and the developers are currently investigating it.


It’s a simple bug. The Infinite Flight Team is working hard to fix it

This issue has been around for at least 6 months, it is a bug in the weather system.

Wow this problem still exists since the time I didn’t fly global

This is a tricky one as we transit from one system to another when approaching an airport. Hopefully we can get it to work better for the next version


Thanks for the heads up guys. Btw, I did attempt to research it before posting but I could not find that is was a known glitch being worked on.
Otherwise all good, thanks.

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