Low, stuttery FPS with minimap on.


I’ve been playing IF for a couple of months now and thoroughly enjoyed, until the last big update where the minimap causes the game to become very stuttery and not very nice to play. I’m able to play on high settings until I use HUD-FULL. The stuttering still occurs when I play on low settings.

Are there any fixes being worked on or any workarounds.

Thank you.

This is a known issue for the moment I believe. I don’t think it’ll be fixed soon, so just fly without the map.

Phillipe mentions it somewhere here:


Try restarting your device

As mentioned by @nicochile2 the minimap (and the map in general) has performance issues. We are currently testing some improvements that should make things a bit better until we completely revamp the map and make it more efficient (and add much needed features).


I’m confused as to what mean to not use the mini app bc I have the same issue as he does and I didn’t have this issue until my 4th global flight

It means in the HUD view slide up to the middle setting to remove the mini map. This will decrease the stuttering you are experiencing.

How can I remove it so I don’t get stuttering

Like this


Just like that and there’s no stuttering??

Just like that and there’s no stuttering

Greatly reduces it if not makes it go away.

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I don’t see the difference tho

In the view? You need to go to the middle as shown the mini map will disappear.

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No I don’t see a difference in playing

For me personally, regardless whether or not the minimap is on, I get frequent freezing and stuttering as well. This is on an iPad Air 2.