Low speeds on final in solo final

Hello again just wanna ping something before I head out for the night, I have noticed whilst playing solo and spawning on final the speeds are at a all low 120knts which is way to slow I have seen this happen on most aircraft. The speed for final should be at a good 140knts or 150kts… I hope this can be fixed and, sorry for being a bit ubiquitous with 2 support topics today😂 just wanna put these problems out there with the team. Thank u for reading and have a nice night/evening/day.

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Again, don’t mean to be that person but these go in General not Support. But the speeds probably have to do with what the weight of the aircraft is.

I was abt to do that no worrys😂

No its in solo the weight is auto set and anyways any weight it still goes slow👍

Hey there.

Just make sure your temperature is set to something appropriate. After some testing, my 777F had a 140IAS final speed at 15 degrees but 100IAS at -90 degrees. Try to keep it between -10 and 45 for the most realistic results.

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Solo adjusts everything to optimal realism idk why it would drop or go below temp lemme check.

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Just checked its set at 24 and that’s not me that’s the game going of irl data

Could you give an aircraft, load and temperature so I can have a quick look? :)


There ya go

@matty.av could you spawn in and check the temperature from the sliders there? Instead of the main menu?

Ok 2 seconds

24c and still pulls me down with average of 125 I have to put full power

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