Low Speed - Crash


Aircraft - B788
Step Climbing? No, according to FPLTOIF, not necessary
Violations - 2
Replay - https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/download?c=PMEBYRVVBJ

Today I was doing a flight from VIDP-EDDF, in a 788. Around 1 hour and 26 minutes in, my speed started decreasing to M .71. Farther into the flight, the autopilot disengaged and sent the aircraft into a crash. I went out for lunch, but supervised until cruise to make sure it would not stall out. No one was in my house at the time of the crash and I suspect a bug. I would appreciate it if you guys could take a look and determine if the crash was my fault or a bug.


I’ll review the replay in a little and see if it was a bug or not, sometimes the weight of the aircraft is too high for the altitude.

I had done this flight before, same load aand cruise, so I don’t think it is because of weight

the 787 series cruises between M 0.85 and M 0.86. without even looking at the replay file i can already see what your problem is.

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Sorry miscommunication, I was cruising at .85 but around 1.26 it randomly started decreasing

Did you run out of fuel during your flight?

No, I use fpltoif for fuel

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hey dude can I have a look at the replay

Take a look on the top. His replay file is on the top. :)

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Does anybody have any ideas about what happened?

I’ll have a look at it and give you my verdict

I can’t access it could you send another one direct from IF

How do I send directly from IF?

I don’t think you can. But you can either redo it into the website or send an email to the user you want to send it to. (NOT PM)

@Flying_dutchman1 please pm me your email so I can send the replay

In the meantime, did anybody else see the replay and have a theory about what happened?

I honestly have no idea yet. It is pretty unusual for a lovely modern aircraft to just randomly descend on a certain place and time. It is also very suspicious for your A/P to just randomly disengage. I will PM you an email or just redo the link. I’ll just check your link now.

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Also, did you have mistaken accidentaly with “kgs” and “lbs” in the fuel slide in the “Weight and Balance” section?

I’ll just redo the link, for everyone’s convenience

Thanks for the advise. Also, was that the first time it happened? Was there any other similar incidents / bugs you think you encountered on your previous flights? Also involving the 787.