Low rate of climb for A340-313

If A340 are implemented in Infinite Flight, dont Forget the CFM56 engine thrust are made will not full power to save fuel at take off. This case makes the plane to get off the ground and climb at a low rate when plane is heavy


I think this Topic is useless untill the A340-300 is confirmed


If you want a low climb use less thrust and rotate at low speed

Who will want this slow climb?

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Me, so I can make my flight longer because I cannot go over 250 knots until 10k feet.

You can select slow climb if you want it or just set a lower cruise.

The engine is a CFM-56 not a C56 I can’t find anything related to your claim that the engine manufacture reduces thrust to save fuel. Please site your source. It may very well be that Airbus has implemented this as an takeoff procedure I couldn’t find a POH for this aircraft to confirm or deny. Or even the airlines them selves have implemented a reduced thrust takeoff to save on fuel burn. Non the less I don’t find anything from the engine manufacture its self to cooperate your claim. so again I’ll ask you to state the source. Why would I want a mandatory reduced thrust take off if the aircraft is fully capable of taking off with max thrust?

A343 use max power but this provoke a low climb rate

This topic is useless, like the a340 lol. Such a crap climber


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