Low quality scenery

I’m currently flying in North America, headed for KMEM. I noticed that the scenery is 500m resolution. I’m sure I have good wifi connection.

iPhone SE
iOS 11.1

Are the graphic settings all the way high? If not, set them all the way high. Make sure that the KMEM area is not that crowded.

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All graphic settings are high

How busy is the Tennessee area right now?

Hello! After your flight, make sure that you restart your device. That should help it.

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I’m still about an hour away. But I can see 4 planes around me

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This most likely means that the terrain has stopped streaming. Did you lose connection and/or left the app at any point in your flight?


Ok. Restart your device like Cole said. After that, I would make sure you have enough memory on your device.

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I didn’t leave the app. The scenery was fine about 30 minutes ago.
EDIT: I did leave the app, only after this happened to take a screenshot

Have you tried re-installing Infinite Flight and restarting your device on a regular basis?

This has happened to me multiple times and unfortunately, there is no known way of regaining connection for the terrain unless you force close the app. As you begin your descent, you will most likely notice that the ground will turn black, if you do, please take a look at the thread below.

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Yes I do restart my device regularly. But I don’t re-install IF often

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Thanks, I will check that out

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When was the last time you re-installed Infinite Flight? Try re-installing Infinite Flight and see if that resolves your issue.

This has happened to me before, after closing the app, the scenery is fine

By “closing” do you mean restarting the game? If that makes the scenery better, that is your solution. Delete then re-install Infinite Flight a couple of times also.

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The terrain didn’t turn black

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Probably just a glitch in the streaming. When you end your flight, do another see if it still happens. If so, reinstall.


Happen to me before, just re install your apps, done. Good luck!

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I closed Infinite flight (double click home and swipe) spawned in KMEM and it’s fine.