Low quality on new Aircrafts

I dont know if it is just me but, in the 20.2 update, the new aircrafts like the B 77W, have the quality of the flight deck very low, what is written in unreadable and the liveries are pixeled. Again, it might be me or the own update is like that although i dont think so.

  • Ipad Pro (2019) IOS 14

  • Normal Device

  • I actually tried closing IF and openning again but the same thing happened. Flights in solo and online resulted in the same. Livery changig did not worked.

What are your current graphic settings?

It’s all good for me.

It’s fine for me

All to High

You may want to consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app if you’ve got your settings all on high.


Ah this happened to me before. Even looking at the flap settings in the cockpit not able due to the low quality. Usually what I do is just restarting my app and it works.

Yeah I thought about that but stillit didn’t work so…
but still, thx for the recomendation

Did you attempt to delete and reinstall the app?

I’m on it hahaha, if it works i will put that as the solution

Ok it worked! The solution has been selected hahaha thanks @DeerCrusher