Low Quality/Blurry Textures 777-300ER

Good Afternoon All,

I reset my 7th Gen iPad last week. I have only 20GB worth of storage remaining. However I was operating BAW5 last week and noticed that my flight deck textures were very low quality and extremely blurry. I have rechecked my settings and everything was on high. This has only happened since the 20.3 update has anyone had any similar issues?

Thank you

Could you send a picture of how it looks?

Hi, did you check your graphics settings while in flight or from the main menu?
If you check it while in flight, the texture quality setting wouldn’t show up on the list, so you need to change it by going into the settings from the main menu.

This is a known problem. Even if you’re playing on a high end device with high settings. At the moment, the only things you can try is to check your internet, restart the app and maybe restart your device. Sometimes it’s gone, sometimes it will come back.

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