Low Quality Aircraft in Live

My flights on live are hardly visable and are like not on good wifi but it hard to see the airline are blurry amd cockpit please fix it if who in charge of the game get this please message me i tell u more thanks jet 2

Your flights on live are blurry either because the live weather has low visibility or you are running on low rendering quality which can be changed in your graphic settings.

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It is because all the other aircraft having major quality, would make your sim almost un-playable! Would you like to start a flight at 3 frames per second?

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Please, for the sake of yourself, be more accurate - ‘My flights on live are hardly visable’ doesn’t make much sense, especially since you’ve given no context.

Should only be a matter of adjusting settings like “Airplane Quality” etc.
Adjust accordingly to the device capabilities. You wouldn’t want to bump it up to ‘very high’ with a ZenFone or other low memory devices.

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