Low power mode

For the release of global, ‘low power mode’ could be implemented. For example, hit low power mode. Basically, saves battery, and stops the tablet/phone from getting hot.

What do you think?


I’m wrong or is there already a mode to consume less battery? (I’m not sure)

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That has to do with framerates… i personally think this is a good idea. Stop the memory hoggers by reducing quality and maybe framerates 1-2fps…


I don’t think there is.

I’ve already experimented with this and definitely plan on having it available when it comes out. Some phones can’t even hold a charge when playing, it’s more than necessary.


Nice to know👍

Great! Found my iPad was becoming a stove when charging whilst playing.

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It works flawlessly, flying for like 1 hour and my tablet is totally cool like nothing is happening (y)

What tablet are you using? @ediks

iPad 2017 (5th generation)

There is already a low power mode in Global V1

Ah wow! Is everything on high setting?

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We have this now that Global is here. You can activate it under the “General” tab in Settings!

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Yup and it works like a charm

Im still waiting for andriod update but its glad that it doesn’t heat up the device that much!

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This feature is provided in the new update ;)