Low power mode

Hello IFC,
I’ve noticed that my low power mode doesn’t enable itself ever despite it being on. Does anyone know what to do. I’m on an iPhone Xs

You can’t touch the device for 1 to 2 minutes for it to active. For me it works fine, so I’m not sure. Are you sure it is on?

yup it is enabled in the setting and im not touching the screen for 5min

So weird, I am not sure.

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He is talking about IF’s low power mode which reduces frame rate

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Oh sorry - got confused with device’s low power mode

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Make sure that you have ALT, SPD, and HDG enabled for autopilot . It won’t work if you don’t have any of these three enabled.

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Everything’s enabled even when I’m 30min into the flight cruising it’s not on

When you finish your flight tries to re-check that you have it enabled then restart the app. (if you have low power mode on ur phone turn it off) If it doesn´t work let’s wait if someone can help

Are you using any 3rd party apps? The only way you will notice is a brief message at the top of the screen.

Can you share a screen shot of your settings page please?

I occasionally use IF assistant, yes

i checked again, even without third party apps it still doesnt work.
will deleting and reinstalling help?

There are no known issues with low power mode that is not related to the settings or another app.

Where are you looking to see if low power mode is enabled? Are you holding your device or is it on a flat surface? Are you using a joystick/flight yoke?

I also experienced this the other day. I fly using ipad air 2. And use 3rd party apps. It has worked like a charm all the time, except for that one day. When I flew yesterday, low power mode enabled as usual


Are you absolutely sure that you have everything enabled (ie a yellow box around it) in the A/P panel (apart from VNAV)

i look at the HUD view and i should be able to see that frame rate drops, but it doesnt. and when i touch my screen after a long flight i should be able to see the purple message on top saying low power mode is disabled but i dont see that message. no i dont use a joystick, just my iPhone thats it, no other apps

100% sure, everything enabled no 3rd party apps, no joystick

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Looking at the HUD for lower frame rate is not the best way to see it. When it turns on you should see it on the top of your screen quickly in the purple message when it is turned on. Touching your screen in any way will not turn it on.

Have you rebooted your device?
In some cases you may have to reinstall after backing up replays.


No I meant after like a 1hiur flight, when I touch my screen after that 1one hour I should be able to see the purple message “LPM disabled” right? I dint get the enabled purple message Ik what you’re talking about tho it used to work all the time until the 20.2 download