Low power mode

One of you explains to me the function of this mode…
What are the pros and cons when activating it …
Do you advise me to activate it?

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Low power mode lowers the frame rate after a period of time when the app is not touched. It is good for cruise while you are away from your device. Once you touch the screen low power mode turns off.

The goal is to save on CPU and battery usage during your flight.

It is highly encouraged to leave this enabled.


Does this affect the delay in loading the map and airports? “On activation of this mode”

There is a known issue going on right now with the streaming of the scenery that is not related to that setting.

However, low power mode does not impact the scenery or airports. It is all frame rate related.

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The only thing I really notice is that low power mode will take the flights smoothness and block it up just a bit but again, like Chris said, it shouldn’t negatively affect your flying

All participating responses …
Thank you for the valuable information and helpful advice you provided to me.

Captain pilot…
Zuhair Al-Ajmi

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