Low power mode


I saw the Low Power mode work only when you have heading VS and altitude turned on (Dosent wrok if you have NAV on) Now my question is: Is this a bug? And if its not a bug why do you have to have heading VS and altitude set for it to work?

For me it didnt work untill i set all the A/P on…

I saw this topic :

Have you tried turning on NAV with everything else on at the same time?

Yeah that works only when you have everything on it works…

Ok, well it looks like an intentional set of switches to activate LPM so folk like me who hand fly a lot dont get laggy screens low level in the middle of a mountain range.

Yeah i get that but they could just leave as it was… Thought it was intersting that they did that…

They could have, but it was a pain in the behind Sigh…
for those of us who had it on for flying longhaul and forgetting to turn it off before flying some GA routes low level. I didnt realise it had changed but I am very glad it has, makes sense that it requires more switches to activate so folk dont get caught out and have flights ruined by the on screen delay

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Okay thanks for the help!

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The new update requires you to have altitude, heading and speed activated for low power mode to work.


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