Low power mode

Is it advisable to use the included Infinite Flight low power mode in conjunction with the IOS low power mode? Does performance benefit from this even though you are slashing device performing in half according to Geekbench?

At the moment, I use both options all the time on my 6S+. As soon as I disable the IOS low power mode, I notice a quick increase in device temperature nearing the end of a flight. Is it something to worry about?

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Hello, as I fly often with low power mode on at cruise I too have noticed that my device has heated up. But if you don’t want it to hat up, make sure to have “Limit Frame Rate” on. Because without that on. Your device can get hot, pretty quickly. Or maybe trying to reduce the graphics? That might work as well. But I believe that the IOS low power mode is triggered by IF when it is turned on. But if your asking if it is something to worry about, it’s not that much to worry about, only if you let it get really hot it’ll start to do some damage. So be carful!

Overheating usually occurs when you have been doing a long flight with low power mode and you are charging your phone. I would suggest charging your phone BEFORE the flight and you have a less chance of overheating 👍🏻

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That is not true, I do long hauls all the time. Low power mode, now settings, charging. The device gets cool. It’s when I turn back up the settings to land is when she’ll get hot

That’s what I’m saying the heat is building up when low power mode is on then when you turn it off the heat gets let out 👍🏻

No…no the heat builds up when the device is NOT ON THE low power mode. It COOLS DOWN when low power mode is on!😂

That is for me at least…and I have it charging all the time

If you do long hauls, most devices will run out of battery, sooner than later, therefore you have to plug it in.

See mines is different. Mines get really hot when I’m low power mode is on 👍🏻

Try turning down the graphics, when you’re doing a long haul and you’re at cruise

That’s why I’m saying charge it then put it on Low power mode 👍🏻 And just top your charge up in the morning. See I don’t fall asleep until early hours of the next morning so it isn’t really a problem for me 👍🏻

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