Low power mode not activating

Your Callsign

Swiss 183 Heavy

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

OnePlus 6
Android 10


Low power mode is not working for me. Its activated on my settings but I do not see any alert that low power mode is active after waiting for several minutes without touching the screen and also trying different camera angles to see if it would activate. Neither do I get the alert of it deactivating after retouching the screen after waiting for several minutes. Also not able to notice the lag that usually kicks in in low power mode so its clearly not activating for me at all.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Checkmark Enable Automatic Low Power in General Settings
  • Start a flight and waiting several minutes for the low mode to activate

Expected results

Lower power mode to enable itself automatically after a certain duration

Actual results

Low power mode not activating or any message displaying

More Information

Not at the moment but maybe reproducing the steps will help narrow down if its just an issue on my end or other users as well

For low power mode to kick in, HDG needs to be on. If you’re using LNAV and you’ve got ALT and VS already on, HDG will need to be enabled as well. That’ll be your trigger. Give that a shot and report back please. Thanks.

Thanks, that seemed to do the trick. Not a bug.

Also, my overnight flight just crashed randomly, almost one hour in. Never happened before considering I have 8GB Ram and Snapdragon 845 on my phone. I will try to see if it happens again and open a bug if it does seem to be the case.

While I have you here, I just have to ask, did the core system overhaul include changing of the aircraft handling, because the aircraft response do seem to be so much smoother now than how I remember it to be. Incase you guys did mention it somewhere and I missed reading about it, I apologize.

For this, try restarting the app. If it still continues you may want to consider creating a new report. But if you could check to make sure that no other crash topics exist for your situation.

A few aircraft did receive some touch ups. The 3 new 777s for sure were reworked in terms of their handling. Other aircraft that received some touch ups included:

  • C172 (aircraft performance touched up on. Climb rates and engine performance are now more accurate)
  • C130 (better ground handling, less engine power required to move aircraft)
  • CRJs (updated autopilot, should be more smooth going in and out of turns)

So yes, a some aircraft things were addressed. Fairly minor I’d say but can also be major depending on who you ask. 🙂

Hope that answers your questions.



Resolved. Not an issue