Low Power Mode Not Activating

It looks like low power mode isn’t activating since the update. Was the time delay just increased significantly or is this a problem?

On an iPad mini 2 A1490

Low power mode activates only on autopilot mode and not when you are manually flying it with the new update. Were you on autopilot?

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Just turn it off and back on and see if that works, mine works fine!
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The release notes said that it will now only activate when you have speed, heading and altitude set on autopilot.

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Why heading though? Shouldn’t it activate on nav as well?

Ah just tried switching off nav setting a heading and it worked. I think they’ll have to change it so it activates on nav as well.

When you turn on NAV turn on heading as well and it will work.

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NAV automatically turns on heading, though.

Not always, sometimes it doesn’t turn on heading. But whether it’s actually on or off doesn’t matter. Other than turning on low power mode now.

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I think if heading is already on when NAV is pressed, heading will remain on.
If heading is not already activated when NAV is turned on, it will not be turned on.

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Yep that’s what I’m doing now^ It’s not a problem but it’s probably important for people to recognize.

The reason I don’t have the heading set when I switch on nav is that I always go into a 10 degree back so the autopilot doesn’t roll sharply. Reactivating it after isn’t a big deal, thanks guys.

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That’s the case 👍

I’d recommend reading through the release notes found here. Might answer some more questions regarding the update.


Thanks^ Very excited to test the new appr mode

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Do you mean that after we press NAV mode to allow the aircraft to follow the flight plan; we should simultaneously turn on the HDG? Would the aircraft in this case keep following the flight plan?!

Yes, as long as NAV is on, the heading will change no matter if the heading A/P is on.

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How long does it take for the low power mode to kick in

Thanks for the clarification 🙏🙏

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