Low performance device on expert server

Hey guys,
I have a Samsung Galaxy on 7 pro(2017)…I can’t run the game smoothly even on medium graphics.should I even play on expert.will low graphics give me problems communication etc that could resulting to ghostings?

I have a iPad mini two which is just like yours. I mainly use my iPhone 8+ as I lag and freeze on my iPad on expert. Don’t risk it

If low graphics does not work, then I guess you might need a newer devices.


Do you have Android 5.0 or higher?

To answer the question in the original post, moving graphics to low should not impact communications. It may help if your device is struggling.

I would start out at quiet airports and work your way up to busier ones to see how your device reacts. I would check the link above for how others have theirs configured.

As always make sure you have a strong network connection and have a decent amount of free storage space.

Have you tried factor reset it always solve the problem like my s8 +

Yes I do have android 6.1

Thanks Chris

Yes, if I were in your shoes, I would work on fixing the performance and lag issues, before flying in controlled areas on Expert.

Good tips above.
As Chris mentioned, try on quiet airports first.

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