Low Passes and Interceptions

1) Background to the photos
I felt bored, so I hopped into an F-16 and did the following:

Held a mock dogfight with a former forum member
Intercepted @Jmacd20
Did a low pass at KRIL
Intercepted a random pilot flying a CRJ9
Escorted @Joseph_Spinner into KEGE

First photo: FHSH (St. Helena)
Second photo: Somewhere over Colorado
Third photo: 10 miles north of KASE
Fourth photo: KRIL
Fifth and sixth photos: KEGE

Thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.

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I was wondering who the person was that was flying around me in a jet. Nice job!!

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Thanks! Enjoy/I hope you enjoyed your flight to Seattle!

When I read the title my mind instantly thought you were talking about football lol


That came through my head, too. XD

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The landing into KEGE is beautiful! Nice photos!

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Thanks! Nice landing, by the way.

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Cool unique pictures

Thank you very much.