Low Pass Tower Frequency

Hey guys! I’ve a question. How could I request low pass when tower frequency is activated? is it at least achievable?


Request a touch & go - you will get a clearance for the option, which gives you permission for a low pass. A clearance for option allows you to do a full stop, stop & go, touch & go, a go around/missed approach, a low pass, etc (basically anything reasonable you want to do with/over the runway)


nice, I didn’t know that!


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Other question. What about if tower doesn’t give me “clear for the option” and starts giving instructions like “make xxx traffic” or enter in left downwind, runway xx"?

When approaching the airport, you have to say you are inbound for “touch and goes”. Then the control will know that you are asking for the option. A pattern entry will be given regardless of if you are a touch and go or full stop.

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So, if you are inbound from another airport, you will:

Announce that you are inbound for touch and goes.

The controller will give you a pattern entry instruction such as “N999CD, enter left downwind runway 9”.

Once you are in the pattern, the controller will say, “N999CD, runway 9, cleared for the option, after the option, make left/right traffic.” This gives you the ability to do what is mentioned above. Stop and Go, Touch and Go, Low Pass, Etc.

Once you are back in the air, you are expected to continue flying the pattern direction that you were given in your initial clearance.

Make sense?


As David said, you will first get a pattern entry (and a sequence, if applicable), and then after you will be cleared for the option. When a controller tells you to make left or right traffic with the option (and if you request remaining in the pattern on takeoff, you will get cleared for takeoff, make xxx traffic), they’re assuming you want to stay in the pattern after the touch and go, low pass, or etc, so they’re telling you to either make a left-hand or right-hand pattern.

If you want to just do a low pass and then depart back to another airport, there’s a command that lets you request departure to the north south east or west.


Thanks y’'all! Everything is cleared now. 🫂

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