Low pass over EHDL (Amsterdam region)


would anybody be interested in the following:

  • Server: free
  • Aircraft: F16
  • Region: Amsterdam
  • Airport: EHDL

The idea would be to takeoff, and do some pattern work (left traffic) with low passes over the runway in continuous circles - very simple.

Anyone up for this?

We could start once 2/3 people are interested.

Yes but i don’t have the denver region :(

Which region would you like to use? I can certainly amend the requirements.

Amsterdam or southern callevornia

Not so good english

Let’s do Amsterdam region, EHDL airport?

Oke when starts the event?

Now if you want.

Oke thats good my call name is KLM111SUPER

Ok mine is Airforce 750

Maby on the freeflight server becous we can fligh harder

Ok for the free flight server

Im coming

See you over a second

I’m there. We need to taxi to RWAY 20

I made a quick left traffic pattern flight plan if you want to copy it

Thanks, it was a very nice flight :smile:

If made some pictures do you want to see them?

Of course, please shoot!

Here dey are:

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