Low on Fuel

Hey, I’m currently flying from YSSY - EGLL in a 787-9. I still got 5:42 hours to go but I only have 4:05hours fuel left. I started with 100%. My Trim is set correctly and im not FL 400 with Mach .85.
WE got between 48-62knts headwind. Does someone know how I could save up more fuel so it still will be a non-stop?


Check out windy.com and adjust the altitude on the website to find the wind in your area. You can climb and descend to what looks calmer. You’ll have to divert if you don’t want to end the flight.

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I’m already conduct this experiment and as the aircraft approaches with few distance on RWY27R for prior landing, my fuel has gone, turning off engine no.2 is the best way to save more fuel since it can still fly with stability even running the aircraft with one engine only

After of 20 hours journey, then my plane crashed just few distance from RWY. I didn’t decide to divert anymore in EHAM but turning off one engine for atleast 500 nm away from airport can save you.

Also in addition to what @EyesSkyward said, the longer you fly the more fuel that your aircraft uses, so in turn the aircraft gets lighter.

When the aircraft uses fuel and gets lighter, it will begin to use less fuel as it isn’t as heavy.


At what FL are you currently with what speed
(Hope you make it;) )

Making reduction on weight and balance data except fuel quantity is also helpful, but I already with a test, so 787-9 flying for FL400 in a speed of M0.84 can lasts 20 hours non-stop

I think for the next time it’s better to step climb not sure if you have IF-A if you buy an add on there you can easily step climb like in real live and it saves a lot of fuel


Climbing for 1500-2000 ft/m is essential for reaching your cruising altitude.

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Check out Aircraft Performance Database there you can se that an aircraft should climb that fast to cruising altitude.

OK, so no im at FL 450 with .89mach which saves me about 20 minutes of fuel… Now there still 1h and 10mins of fuel missing… Do you think I could save it up with descend early but very slow?

Mach 0.89 is way too fast. Slow down to at least Mach 0.85. An early descent may not help, because you’ll slow down, stretching out the time you’ll need to keep the throttles up, especially when you reach pattern altitude. And you’ll be descending into denser, windier air, meaning more fuel consumption.

You’ll most likely encounter calmer air up ahead where you’ll be able to descend to FL400.


Also the maximum ceiling height for the B787-9 is FL430. So you’re 2,000 feet too high.


Please put this in #live.

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Oh, hello Tryviation! It’s DutchPilot1 😁

I was supposed to fly this flight with him but ended up getting 2 violations because my iPad wouldn’t run IF properly.

Lower altitude is all I can suggest so hopefully the headwind will lower.

Ehhhh, that’s not a good idea. He should stay high!

Track his progress in his livestream:

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High to a certain extent, however if hes too heavy and flying too high(FL450 is already too high), the AoA will increase and the efficiency will also drop

He’s currently flying at FL400.