Low on Fuel or Not?

Good evening!

Need some advice.

I’m currently flying from ZYTX to CYUL on an Air Canada Boeing 787-9. After filing my flight plan on FPLtoIF, I put the required amount of fuel according to my aircraft type, the number of passengers and the cargo weight. I’m currently above the maximum landing weight.

At the moment, my plane is stabilized at 35,000 ft MSL, the power throttle is at 73% to maintain M 0.85. However, and it’s kind of a “criteria” I’ve fixed myself to avoid any violations overnight, at the bottom bar, the “ETE to Dest” is displayed in red and it reads “FUEL”. According to “ETE to Dest” and “Fuel Remaining”, I’ve got 11:44 of flight time remaining; 13:01 to my destination.

What do you think I should do, considering that I’m already on course and at cruise altitude? Do you believe that as my plane will lose weight, it’ll be able to finish its course to CYUL?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

You’ll probably be fine, but just to be safe drop to FL330 or 310, will save you like 300-500 pounds an hour (30-40 minutes).

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All right! Should I maintain M 0.85 or also lower my speed?

0.85 is best for fuel, so I wouldn’t change that.

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Understood, thank you very much for that!

As I usually sleep around 9 hours and I’ll sleep in a few, I believe I’ll be able to monitor the flight when I wake up in case there’s a problem with the fuel.

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Also, SimBriefing that route gave me a flight time of 11:30, so it’s likely you just haven’t caught the tailwinds yet. You’ll be totally fine.

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I’m personally having 107kts headwinds currently, so I don’t know if I’ll have those tailwinds.

Currently dropping to FL310, at FL330 I had 11:47 of flight time for 12:40 to destination.

Oh yeah, if you’re doing 1 hour short in a 107 knot headwind you have nothing to worry about.

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Great then.

FL310, 12:01 of fuel remaining and 12:09 to destination. Awesome!

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I am also flying the 787-9 and although I packed 90 mins more fuel it’s showing red. This does happen sometimes and you will have enough fuel as your aircraft gets lighter towards the end, needing less engine power.

Also everything @AndrewWu said is great advice as well.


Thanks for the explanation! Actually that “FUEL” problem is only happening on the 787s to me for some reason. I was a little bit scared about whether the fuel will be sufficient as the aircraft gets lighter or not, now I’m not anymore!

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You’ll use less throttle on descent as well, so an hour over ETE dest should be fine. Had the indication warn me midflight yesterday for about 30 minutes above target which cleared after the crosswinds.

As Andrew mentioned, it’s probably due to headwinds. You can check windy.com to see if the headwinds are less at lower flight levels.

Still, best to monitor your flight every once in a while!

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Same thing here, I don’t have this on the 777s or anything. It may just be me but it feels like the 787’s fuel remaining really depends on the winds at the moment. If you are having serious headwinds it will affect your fuel remaining a lot. But at the end you will have all the fuel you need.

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Yes of course, I always check my flight when possible, right before going to bed and directly after waking up.

Forgot about the fact that I needed less power on descent, spot on for remembering xd.

Yeah, probably because of tailwinds, actually according to what it’s reading on my plane, headwinds are more or less the same (107kts at FL350, 106kts at FL310). But thanks to your answers I’m not as worried anymore as I was in the beginning, I thought I had done something wrong maybe with the fuel but in the same time I was questioning myself as it wasn’t the first time with the 787 that I’ve had this “problem”.

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Me neither on the 777. I think there’s something with the 787 but as long as there’s no problem in reaching our destination, that’s fine.

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