Low on fuel on arrival

A few days ago I did a flight from Jeddah to Dubai.
A I took just enough fuel to make the touchdown at Duabi. A second after I touched down the plane ran out of fuel and the engines died.

Flight Info

Aircraft: A330-300
Flight time: 2hr 02min
(Jeddah - Dubai)
Server: Expert

I like to watch the engine start up.πŸ˜…

Pushing back from the gate.

Preparing for taxing.

Beautiful departure out of Jeddah.

Passing by at some other planes.

Descendig above Saudia 1717.

At this point I was praiyng that could make it.

Luckily I made just in time cause the engines shut down right after I touched down.

Luckily made on to the tarmac so that I could refuel. Saudia 1717 lading in the background.

And after all that stress I could breathe a sigh of relief that I made the flight and didn’t crash. Parked nexto Saudia 1717.


the second through 5.33(calculating, I know) looked oversaturated, did your edit it like that, or take a picture with another device?

Nah it’s edited.

Why is the Jeddah photo so saturated?