Low Number Of ATC Controlled Airports On Expert Server

I’ll do it for $14.50 an hour :)


It’s actually gone up. Just not in the way you all would like to see.

As you can see by the bar graph below, the number of different airports staffed daily averages ~40. The difference between what the Expert Server is seeing now and what it used to see is that more airports are being opened versus the select few that were opened with the schedule. It may not be ideal for pilots, but it’s unfair to say that controller activity “has gone down a lot” since that’s simply not true.


$10. I will go lower


@Average_Gamer, @IF787, and @Will_A service isn’t very good though.

If you want good service, I’m charging $35 an hour plus $5 for every go around


I see you are taking after Apple’s business model 🧐


It is amusing to see how some controllers are trading their time for pennies.

While on the other side they say , " they have a life out of this simulator " …

I’m an ATC in IF, and I don’t think the problem really is understaffed airports. Yes most users enjoy flying between controlled airports, but the sad bit is that almost everyone goes to major hubs (EGLL, KJFK, KLAX, OMDB, etc.) I like opening non famous airports to try and diversify the flying. However, it becomes boring for controllers, like myself, to staff airports that will hardly receive anyone.


Isn’t it! So don’t compare us to real life controllers who get paid. If we did, we’d be more active but we have priorities in life. We try to be as active as possible, we enjoy what we do, but it isn’t a priority for most of us.


That’s the point.

Once users (pilots) see an active airport ( apart from the cluttered one’s), they will surely gonna start flying from those airports .

But continuity of airports being live is important to attract users.

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Take HESH for example. Great airport in my opinion. Even if it was made 3D, most people would hardly fly there. I’d say simply because they don’t know it or rather they’d rather fly EGLL - KLAX for a while month. So maybe if you could get guys to fly more diversely, ATC would happen to staff those neglected airports.

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Once I stayed at HKJK for two hours. Only had at most, 5 planes outbound. Just staffing an airport doesn’t guarantee guys will start flying to it more often.

Takes time to build traffic.

But opening up of airports is the key .

Try controlling say, KPDX, on the training server. I bet everyone’s at EGLL, and won’t be bothered to come there. Report on your operations after 1 hour.

@Dk_commander Pay me a good salary and I’m gonna be your personal controller
Anytime and everywhere … promise


Try keeping KPDX open regularly.

Hahahaha. Nice try.

Many people have pointed out that that you have attempted to discount a very real excuse. People do have lives.

I am an IFATC Officer and have been in IFATC for over 3 years. I’m very grateful to have that position and am very passionate about aviation. I’m so passionate, in fact, that I spent months (including failed tests and re-training) trying to join in the first place, then even longer to get my radar training. But…

I am also a university student.

I am also a ramp agent working a 5-day schedule.

I am also a training pilot.

I am also an ice hockey player.

It is not that we aren’t passionate or good at what we do. It is that we have lives. Even when we have free time, our other, more pressing commitments (those that affect our ability to pay our bills and/or assure our own futures) may have taken all our energy. It’s unrealistic to expect us to make productive use of our time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because people have limits.

I wont deny that the ATC system isn’t perfect. Every controller, supervisor, and staff member acknowledges that. But it can’t really be fixed. People want flexibility in their flying and flexibility in their lives.

So I kindly ask you to respect the fact that this is not our job, it’s our hobby, and hobbies unfortunately have to come close to last on the priority list, because life should and does come first.


Well said Cameron.

I too understand 24*7 operations are not feasible. But surely some improvement is required, as also pointed in your post.

How exactly should this improvement happen? What solutions do you propose?

If you want something changed, perhaps it’s best to have a plan. Saying there’s a problem by only saying there’s a problem doesn’t help. Solutions fix problems. Problems don’t fix problems.


I think, at the moment, the only real method for improvement is volume. People have invited you to join and I would strongly recommend that. The ATC team is always growing (and, in theory, our coverage growing ever-so-slightly with it) and there currently is (and has always been) an activity limit in place to hold those of us who don’t control often enough accountable.