Low Number Of ATC Controlled Airports On Expert Server

Almost 99% of users (pilots) want to fly from an ATC Controlled 3D Live airport.

Even on expert server there are very few controlled airports.
Majority of the time it is just mundane flying.

And please don’t use an excuse like " controllers do have a life…"

Yes they do have life , but that’s the hard part of ATC operations.

Imagine if a real life controller use above excuse.

Infinite flight team needs to do something about it. There are many good airports but they hardly remain active.

And if a flight remains uncontrolled almost 80 to 90% of the time, then what’s the point of an exclusive server( expert).

Nothing against Infinite flight, althoug it is till better than many other simulators.


You put the nail on the head. Absolutely right.

And that’s why IF is declared a game.
But feel free to join the IFATC Team and fill the servers/aiports with your presence!
Thanks for your thoughts anyways.


Controllers have a life. That is the exact point. Remember this is a simulator not real life at all. We are not working for a paycheck or a raise, promotion etc. We take time out to service airports and we can experience burn out or just don’t want to control. If we were forced to control a certain amount of time a day IFATC would not be as big as it is at all. Remember we are offering our time to control these airports.


I mean, if I got paid and this was my job I would control a lot more. This is just a sim and I have WAY more important things in life then devote it to the servers of Infinite Flight.



Yes, my post is not to disrespect any ATC personnel. But it is something that infinite flight lacks.

I get that but unfortunately one of the main selling points of Infinite Flight is offering real ATC and that requires us and unless we have much more people who want to staff for much longer each day then this is unfortunately going to be the reality. IFATC is always growing and expanding and we hope to have much more coverage of the globe in the future!

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They don’t get paid…

It’s also about passion and love for aviation. No one earns their bread and butter from this simulator.

But definitely infinite flight do need more passionate members who atleast not give money as an excuse.

Not everything is about paid or not paid.

And if that’s so for many users, then why not they just save their penny they spend on monthly subscription of infinite flight.

I’m 100% passionate. But I also go to college, work two jobs, live on my own.

I LOVE aviation. It’s why that’s what I study in college. If they can find a group of people who wanted to play infinite flight for a living with that much passion, I’d be amazed.

I’m also not giving money as an excuse, but you compared us to real life controllers. They get paid.


I’m not the one saying ATC should be on 24/7… I pay because i love this sim. If no one is being paid by my or anyone else subscriptions, I have no right to require that IF have ATC on all the time.

I think almost all of us can agree that before the ATC system was changed this was SO much better.

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You have all the right to counter argue :)

Would you like to elaborate ?

Acontroller have their liberty to go live whenever they want and when they have time.

"The favour is not on anyone "

The post is about low controlled bandwidth.

I hope we can have some sane discussion.

That why I said U should join

like a year ago they changed the atc schedule from weekly to regional then to monthly and controller activity has gone down a lot

when it was weekly u were only allowed to control at 4-5 airports so they would be staffed most of the time

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Hoping for things to improve.

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You can lead by example. Join us!


Venmo me $15 an hour and I’ll control whenever you need :)