Low/Min Fuel

Hi IF fans.

Recently at the end of a long flight, or on the expert server where I’ve been asked to go around or circle before landing my fuel has gotten pretty low, sometimes as low as 2%.

Sometimes I get the option to announce this to ATC but not always.

Does this only appear for certain aircraft, or only Tower frequencies?


This option appears after a flight of an hour or more and appears for both tower and approach. Please note that if you announce, the ATC will try to accommodate, but be prepared to divert if need be.

edit: if you do have low fuel, it is good to let the controller know early on. Also, plan according to not have fuel issues :) its good to have an hour or 2 of extra fuel

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you have to be flying for a period of an hour or more to see the emergency fuel. it is so people dont abuse it

Thanks @TylerShah and @mwe2187!


you should be planning accordingly, of course. Real world, on civil side, you’re supposed to have enough to get to your destination, get from there to your filed alternate, and then 1hr reserve after that.

Military is a little different in the real world, but still a concern. I’ve coasted in on vapor more than once, or barely made it back to the boat to hook up to a buddy and get some go-juice before getting in the pattern, but those instances were all justifiably for “good” reason based on mission/circumstances.

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