Low memory

I’m getting the red message that tells me that my device memory is low. It tells me to change things in the advanced settings. However, i can’t find the advanced settings. What do I do?

I says that for me occasionally and I don’t do anything so far nothing has happend, but im still no expert. If your IOS i think it just wants you to delete 400 pictures 80 videos and 3 apps.

Try to free Memory
1). delete useless ones or move to Sd Card
2). Clear cache
3). Try to ReInstalling App

This has nothing to do with storage.

This happens as our device is running low on RAM. Restart your device more often and avoid having too many apps running in the background to avoid this.


So now I restart my device?

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Yes. That would be a good start.

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When I fly, I always make sure that there are no apps running in the background. I also cleared the scenery cache.

Scenery cache is irrelevant here.

I have rebooted my device now. Anything else I can do?

Nope. It’s the best option at this point.

What if I still get the red message on my next flight?

I always get this message on my iPad Air multiple of times. Usually I have only a few Gigs available.

RAM & Storage are not the same… an iPad Air don’t even have a few gigs of RAM.

@Philippe_Gilbert - if it happens again, same applies. This is not a critical error. But if it’s happening a lot, reducing graphics settings would be a start. emphasized text

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