Low memory notification after latest update


After the newest update I’m having issues with memory/ram message appearing, and sometimes crashing the app on approach. I recently did a 777 flight to KLAX which resulted in an app crash and recently a 787 flight into EGLL which likewise resulted in lag. These flights were done over 12 hours, which could correlate to memory errors; I assume. I checked my ram on my original Ipad Air and it appears I have 22GB left of storage.
It seems to occur with frame rate drops which is expected in busy, large airports. However when these occur is when the message is present.

-Graphics that I’m running are not the highest and worked seamlessly before this update.
-No other apps are running, I frequently reset my device.
-Reinstalled IF.


Many experience lag when there are multiple aircraft around. Unfortunately there’s nothing much anyone can do, however the Infinite Flight Staff have been working to improve the overall performance of the app. I’m sure as the quality of aircraft increase, performance will increase with it. So just sit tight and things will eventually get better.

I hope this helps, PM me if you need anything further :)


Thanks for the reply!
Could this have to do with the duration of the flight in which correlates to too much load on my device while loading scenery. It seems to be only an issue recently though.

I would suggest sticking to shorter flights for the meantime, then give it a few days, a week, something along those lines and try another long haul. That’s really the only solution at this point.

RAM is different than hard drive storage!!!

Make sure you keep all other apps closed while flying, and try lowering your texture quality. Also, if you’re on an iOS device, clear the OS cache by holding down the power button, then instead of swiping to shut down, hold down the home button until the home screen pops up.

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Whoops I’m sorry, I see that you have been cleaning the cache and keeping other apps closed.

I have an original iPad Air (that I don’t use anymore), and it has never run global nicely for me. My iPhone 6 and my iPad 2017 work much better.

I use an iPad Air 1st Gen for IF currently, and I also got a “Low memory” notification during my last visit to a busy airport (believe it was EIDW). Surprised me as I hadn’t gotten it recently. I have all my settings on full/high and it still performs well, although I notice the lag creeps up when it is busy. I prefer the slight bit of lag so I can still enjoy IF in its best look. I do restart my iPad before every single flight though, and I find that this helps.

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Interesting to know.

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I receive this notification only when I have other tabs open!

I had this as well but on solo. I checked my memory and there was barely any used???

Why am I getting the ‘memory low’ warning on SOLO (ie not ONLINE)


As Rock77 mentioned, restarting your device/clearing your RAM before every flight should help.

The iPad Air was released back in 2013 and it is normal to lose some of it’s performance.


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