Low long Haul Flying

Has anyone flown at 1000ft or less from Sydney to Lax/Sfo via because it would be a awesome stunt in to do in infinite flight

Nobody has, you can though. Also there are lots of little random islands throughout the Pacific Ocean and you could get one that’s over 1000 feet AGL and crash.

Well that’s when you have to be care full

Or you just fly at 10000 MSL

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KLAX to YSSY is already a pretty long flight. Staying at 1000 means you’ll be going rather slow, around 300 knots groundspeed. Good luck making it to your destination. :)


Doing YSSY-KLAX would almost be impossible, since you are lower, you will be going slower (no pun intended) and also you will be consuming much more fuel at lower altitudes.


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