Low level Racing in Switzerland @LSGG - 051800ZAPR20

i had already spawned :)

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I would like to join

good luck and much fun everyone, sadly I wont be able to attend :(

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No problem. Take the gate you wish just don’t spawn on top of anyone. First takeoff at 1800Z

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can i copy someones fpl when they join?

Here they are. You can paste the, exactly like that 🙂

when i type 4625n it sends me in the middle of the ocean. im just a noob and i cant paste it like that. i need to copy someones fpl

Is it too late to join?

Ah no worries. I’ll spawn in so you can copy mine. Also huge thanks to @Beniamino for doing atc at LSGG!

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No never too late! Come join us. Also give a good read at the info under “organisation” in the topic.

Please clarify the altitude restrictions.

In the end, we’ll make due without them as Misha hasn’t put them for some reason. Instead just fly low in the valley. The lower the more fun!

captain zen i see you! :)


Here I come!


how much fuel is needed?

2tons minimum. A bit more to be on the safe side especially if you need to go around

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no problem. Thanks for organising this event @Captain_Zen. I hope to see you all there. Start is in 12 min.

Just curious, without the altitude restriction in a TFR, are we limited to like 500’ AGL or something?

you can request pushback and then first takeoff is at 1800Z.

there’s no limitation. however, the lower the more the fun. 500 agl sounds good!

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