Low level Racing in Switzerland @LSGG - 051800ZAPR20

Low level racing

Come join us this Sunday for a unique race through the Swiss Alps!

This Sunday, the Swiss IFATC have come together to stay open as much as possible in Switzerland and let you discover some stunning scenery! To bring a little spice to this, we have decided to make an event. We have organised a race from Geneva to Samedan (LSZS). But wait! It’s not any race where you go in a straight line! Here you will have to fly very low like a snake in the valleys (About 25 minutes). We will have TFRs set to guide you with maximum altitudes as well as the FPL we prepared. You will also get to enjoy ATC at the departing and arriving airport.

Server: Expert (don’t worry about vios the C130 doesn’t have a speed limit. However be respectful of others and ATC. Ghosting will be enforced)

Airport: LSGG (Geneva)

Time: 1800Z


aircraft: any C130

gate assignment: we’re not assigning gates as there are plenty. Just don’t all spawn in the same spot 🙃 (Even though there is no gate assignment, please let us know if you’re planning on coming. Like that we have an idea of the numbers. Thanks!)


The start:
Please Spawn at least 5 minutes before the start of the event. ATC will then clear you as normal to taxi. Once ready for takeoff, ATC will clear one plane every two minutes (precisely!). That clearance is the start gun. From that point on, Go go go!!! Another member of the team will be checking on LiveFlight and will be timing your run in the mean time.

The finish:
The finishing line will be between two mountains right before the last very sharp turn to the right. That will give you time to slow down before contacting ATC and landing. Don’t miss the turn it’s very tight!

Finish line detail

The results will be published at the end once everyone’s landed. The winner obviously gets the right to brag about being the best C130 pilot😜.

The FPL:
The FPL I made is an approximation of your flight. It’s a VFR flight but we don’t want to get lost now do we? Try and look around while flying, you’ll get to see some very nice places. Unless you’re here to win in which case go fast fast fast😏!

Infinite flight coordinates

LSGG 4625N/0647E 4606N/0705E 4619N/0737E 4619N/0758E 4635N/0826E 4649N/0923E 4642N/0928E 4640N/0934E 4629N/0939E 4628N/0948E LSZS

Once everyone has landed, we encourage you to go explore some of Switzerland flying to another airport we’ll be controlling. For more info and flight ideas have a look at our topic => IFATC at home Switzerland


Yep completely forgot. Just updated 😬

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Yes new event at Geneva :)

I am thinking about making one but I don’t know when and what it will be.

Even though there is no gate assignment, please let us know if you’re planning on coming. Like that we have an idea of the numbers. Thanks!

I’m Coming! :)

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I’ll try to make it

Will there be ATC there

Nice to hear!

Yes. The start of the race is your clearance so it’s crucial to have ATC. Amongst the Swiss IFATC we’ll also try to stay open as much as possible throughout the day.


I really hate to do this but I have a flight that will not land till after this event starts so I can’t attend this one
Again I apologize for that

I’ll be there :)

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Nice to hear. Looking forward for it. Hopefully others might join last second too

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Can i join you guys

Sure! You can spawn at whichever gate a bit before pushback.

im coming!

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I’ll give it a go.
How will scoring be done? Is performance of the different 130’s equal?

Scoring will be done by time. I’ll be timing everyone’s run.

I don’t think there are many differences between the planes. Something to figure out😜

Is the flag you drew at the turn south into the fifth from last leg the finish line? If not what is?

The finish line is right before the turn. So it’s between the end of the mountain where it becomes a valley and going north to the other side of the valley you’re flying.

It’s under “organisation” and details.

@JarrettFlies, @anon41771314, @Mohammad_Zarooni, @mrfresh and @David_Mullen events starts in 30 minutes! Don’t forget to spawn 5 minutes early and have a look under “organisation” If you haven’t already. There’s important info I think some didn’t see.

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