Low Level Flying Areas

Am I the only one here who would like to see the introduction of zones dedicated to low level flying in military aircraft. The current rules on live state that nobody may exceed 250 KIAS under 10,000ft ASL. With the introduction of low flying areas, the rules could be changed to allow aircraft within a low flying areas to fly at a maximum speed of 500 KIAS at a minimum altitude of 250 ft above ground. This would be a great feature for those of us who enjoy flying the military aircraft in IF, since we have to use the casual server currently, which has no ATC services, and lacks the professionalism of the other servers. For those of you who prefer to fly airliners, these new rules shouldn’t affect you. Please let me know what you think.


Theres always the casual server where the is no limitation on speed so you won’t get any violations, If you want to re enact various military fly overs like the mach loop go to the casual server.


Thanks for the idea, however we have previously seen this abused prior to speed limitations being in place. That being said, we no longer have speed restrictions on fighters below 10,000ft which allows you to realistically simulate missions in a MOA or low-level flights.

That goes for the Expert Server as well.


No restrictions under 10’000ft? So we can fly at 270kts if we want?

I don’t understand and Google don’t help me 😅


That is for fighters only. However, blazing through a controlled airspace with ATC will not be tolerated still. Control over your aircraft should be maintained and pilots are expected to maintain reasonable speed with active controllers. This is enforceable.


Thanks, I understand now :^)


No one wants an F22 blasting through their landing or takeoff paths. I have had it happen before.

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so we can fligh at high speed with jets under 10k feet withought getting any violation?

@Charbel_Sabbagh that is your answer right there.


ya i just saw it after i posted :p Thanks anyway

Problem is though that even though it’s allowed, some muppets will hit the report button on you, and get you ghosted. Only takes 3 reports and you are done for.
Even on the casual server too. Lots of snitches out there, be careful…

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You can fly at 350kts, it’s preatty nice and resonable ;-)

Pretty sure the report button has been disabled for the time being if I’m not mistaken. And sometimes we need “snitches”.

It would be interesting

Yes, back to the mach loop then!!!

It’s good knowing that I can fly through the loop realistically without racking up violations. I’ll have to give it a go on training server or expert sometime.

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