Can somebody help me fix this issue. I’m having a problem with cockpit hud. I’m used to flying with the hud at the center but now the default is lower than the center. I have to adjust the hud all the time and it goes back down when double tapping. Hope somebody would add a setting where you could choose if you wamt a lower view or center view of the cockpit. I’m having a hard time flying in lower view really.


This is normal, if you can’t fly like this then don’t fly like this :)

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Unfortunately, cockpit view wasn’t designed to be flown with the HUD on. With the live instruments, the intent is for the pilot to use those in cockpit view. If you’d like the HUD, I’d recommend flying in the HUD camera view.


Alternatively, you can fly an old non-live cockpit airplane (such as the 747), as in those the HUD is perfectly centered. However, the 787-9, E170 and E175 are exception to this.

Consider voting for this, I agree that that is an issue.

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Not quite what they’re complaining about…

Then one of the custom camera views. Ability to edit and save a camera view.


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Thank you for your help. Most pilots they like the new low camera angle because of the live cockpit. I have 5 inch phone and live cockpit is too tiny so I use hud over the cockpit. Custom saved camera is great I think.
Or they can develop a feature whereas if pilot turn on the hud in the cockpit it will automatically be at the center camera and if pilot turns it off it will go back to low camera angle.


That’s actually true. Live cockpit is really good and fun but unfortunately I play in a 5 inch device and theblibe cockpit is very small.

Since you have an option to turn “on” and “off” hud while in the cockpit, why not make a feature to center the camera when turning on hud and for those pilots who doesn’t use the hud then lowering the camera angle is alright for them when hud is turned off.

This is contrary to what I have assumed. I’ve found cockpit view with HUD on, to be very useful and natural, even, or perhaps in particular, when controlling aircraft manoeuvres while looking off at an angle.

Don’t get me wrong, I had to adjust to this, but once used to it, I love the feel of flying this way.

It seemed so brilliant, I just assumed it was intentionally designed this way (just guessing).

The key is to decouple, in your mind (as it is in the sim), the HUD attitude indicator with the FPV. But definitely still use them both at the same time.

The attitude indicator gives you complete bank info regardless of viewing angle.

So the question becomes can we still control pitch with precision? That’s where you use the ingenuity of the FPV. It’s decoupled from the attitude indicator so that you can still judge VS relative to the external view horizon as your viewing angle changes.

FPV on the horizon = 0 climb. And as far as FPV incrementally higher or lower for higher or lower VS, it works the same way as the non-cockpit view.

So the trick is to watch the FPV response relative to the external horizon as you incrementally pitch up or down according to the attitude indicator.

A similarity as IRL here. Pitch attitude is your primary goal; VS (FPV) is your secondary goal achieved from adjusting the primary goal.

Once you get used to these two indicators being decoupled and in separate places for a practical reason, it’s a different sensation to fly with HUD on in cockpit view (while looking around).

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