Low graphics

Hi , in need help

these are my graphics settings(downstairs) and that I’m starting a new flight the graphics looks awful.
What can i do in these situation?

Rendering quality: fast
Texture quality: high
Anti aliasing: off
Limit frame rate: on

Graphics settings and in app performance varies by device. What device do you have Infinite Flight installed on?


I’d start with tweaking the “Rendering” Settings first. Enabling Anti-Aliasing will help smooth things out visually as well however older devices don’t perform well with AA enabled.

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I have a ipad air

Okay, the iPad Air is getting a bit old now compared to newer device specs. I’d start first with changing rendering. Be careful though as higher quality settings require more of a demand from your device’s processors.

Have a look at this awesome thread for more tips and specs:


iPad air should run IF fine on good rendering quality settings.
But if I were you to reduce the strain on your iPad put the texture quality on medium.

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk told me this since he uses a 1st gen iPad air too :)

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