Low Go-Around in Vancouver/ A380

I found a awesome video on youtube! Low Go-Around of an A380 at YVR.


Awesome vid!

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What was the reason for the go-around?

Could have been a number of reasons. Debris on the runway perhaps?

I’ve always heard: No shame in a go-around.


Someone didn’t hear the A380 saying: "RETARD…RETARD…RETARD…RETARD…RETARD…!!! Should have sounded 10 times…

It’s actually a very nice go around!


Eva 747 didn’t vacate runway early enough causing go-around

I was there that day spotting

People is teasing that it’s their first time landing at 08L, too nervous to land :P


That would be so cool to see! Almost like an airshow. I’d actually even like to be on that flight.

Pfft… People removed my reply.

Anyways it wouldn’t be so great if you’re not a fan of whales doing low go around lol

I think the rest of the passengers will be looking at their watches already 😂

I have a friends who is a pilot and he topd me its something called ground …(forgot the other word). It’s when a airplane is landing but it is coming slightly fast and it isn’t able to land, so it makes the airplane keep flying without getting the gears to make contact.

Ground effect.


Yes I was referring to that

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