Low Fuel

I was recently flying Long Haul and had 10 mins fuel but 54 mins to go and I don’t know how to report minimal fuel. Could someone help?

Training or expert server?

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Training Server

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Sorry buddy I believe you can only report low fuel emergencies on Expert.

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Okay thanks, how do I report on expert?

After 30 min of fuel remaining, an icon will pop up on your atc box


With the tower frequency, after you have been flying for a certain amount of time and have less than 20% (I think) it will become an option


Okay thanks a lot guys! :D


Anytime! Have a good one.

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You too!! 😀

Also just to add on to what others have mentioned above, you must be flying for a minimum of 1 hour for the emergency/minimum fuel option to appear.

This is to avoid people from taking off from fields close to fields with active ATC with intentional low fuel, and announcing emergency or minimum fuel.


Thank you 🙂

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That is incorrect, you should be able to use it on Training server, even with Unicom.


Thank you (i would like ur comment but I ran out of likes 😂)

Really?! A lot of people have said that it’s not possible on training lol

You must descent to the nearest airport to refill fuel.

I never figured that out cause I don’t do global flights. I only do domestic flights with in the US or maybe Europe.

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I think it’s available on Training also. I’ve never had to use it, but I’m sure I’ve heard it from another aircraft whilst I was on approach the other day 🤔

Well then I was wrong…

You can see when you can say low fuel 2 ways.

  1. Min Fuel/Low Fuel pops up in your hud
  2. If you select fuel remaining in the status bar, when the percentage turns orange/red

You have to have a really low amount of fuel though, as ive gotten as low as 4-6% and I still wasn’t able to request it