Low fuel

Short story about my first flight: I took off EDDW with low fuel to test how it is with low fuel. Everything went good, until my next flight until FNF!
At Paris I didn’t refueled and had about 6% of fuel left when I was 10000ft over Paris, requested to descent and return Paris but couldnt tell them that I had low fuel 3% at that time! Now I got a report, is there a way to communicate low fuelfuel?

Yes but you need to fly for at least an hour

It is a certain time but can’t be right away

Well it was the first time, tried to solve it on the realistic way but it seems not possible, or is there a way to tell that I made that mistake?

There are limitations in place to prevent pilots from abusing the low fuel commands and declaring an emergency.

The best course of advice is to divert to the closest airport.


I mean for that flight you have to be in the air for at least I think an hour and anything under that flight time you can’t request it because as @Chris_S stated, it would be abused

Okay I understand :/ it is a little bit sad, Huge mistake from my side and no way to communicate that. Next time I refuel and hope that I never have to face low fuel again

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