Low Fuel Warning on Long Haul

Hey guys…so i was flying from omdb to kjfk on a 777-300er…since its long i thought i’ll add in 14 hours of fuel just in case…as i procedeed two hours into the flight my fuel reduced to 6 hours remaining…i landed at an airport for refuelling and proceeded onto the flight…now again its showing 7 hours of fuel remaining after adding 14 hours of fuel…i took off at a normal pace with vs 1700 and speed 240 until FL100 and increased to 330 until cruise FL370. What should i do now ?



Most of the time, the fuel remaining and Estimated time to Destination will be in red and say that you don’t have enough.

When you takeoff, your aircraft will be at it’s heaviest and this is when the aircraft with burn the most fuel.

But, the longer you fly the lighter your aircraft will become, so the less fuel will be burned.


Hey! But the problem was i had to refuel as it was showing in red even after two hours into the flight…and its still the same now after refuelling…

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As Declan mentions, don’t trust your fuel readings too much during the initial stage of your flight. You’re burning a lot of fuel, which gets better as you climb and loose weight.

I’d bet you my Dutch cloggs you would have made it to JFK on that first tank of fuel.


Yea…but dint want to take the chances seeing that fuel was sooo low

It will even itself out during flight as the aircraft gets lighter.

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Okay…i hope it does…anyways thank you guys! Will update upon landing…

If you make it haha 😂

Nah I’m sure you will! Good luck!

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Aaaah i wish i do…😂 its a looong flight afterall…i dont wanna mess up with the landing

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Hi @Captain_Dreamliner!

One thing: FL370 is too high for the start of a long flight. It would be more efficient to step climb. Here is a tutorial:


I’ve never cruised at 370 ever in a 777-300! The weight and wing are optimised for lower level flight than the 200 series. (pain sometimes as it often puts you in the top of the turbulent layers!)

Normal cruise levels after take off for a LH flight are around FL310 for at least a couple of hours. If you’re that high above optimum then your fuel burn will be dreadfully inefficient. Start lower and plan a step climb every couple of hours depending upon wind. (climb into a tailwind descend or climb out of a headwind)

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Yea…i just learned about step climb now…🤦‍♂️

Hey…and how do u know what winds it is ?

Check out simbrief.com and FLTPLTOIF as well. These will produce the correct flight plans for you ( which you can upload to the Sim) and will tell you the winds aloft, as well amount of fuel to load, initial cruise height and when and where to do your step climbs. It really helps when doing long haul flights.


Okay…thank you!

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What David Lockwood says!!!

IRL hit FMC Comm, Winds, Update Winds.
Wait for the update then check the Vnav page, look at the step climb in the top right. Check it against the optimum displayed on the Vnav page 1. Hassle ATC for a climb or used CPDLC!!!


Edited to add that this happens a lot in the real aircraft. The winds can make a huge difference on a long flight. The amount of times you see the INSUFFICIENT FUEL (pops up in amber and the fuel gauges turn amber as well!!!) eicas is pretty often! Just don’t tell the self loading baggage!!! ;D


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