Low fuel problem ...

Hey fellow pilots , today I was doing a long haul from Taiwan - Honolulu. It is a 8 hours flight . At the gate at Taiwan I put 10 hours and 32 mins of fuel in . At 6 hours and 43 mins in the engines cut out saying I had low fuel . This really made me confused and angry . Can someone explain to me what I did wrong ,

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were you on another device playing IF with the same account?

The fuel measuring on IF isn’t exactly accurate. I recommend using fpltoif.com for flight planning.

Nope I wasn’t …

Okay, well many factors at play, Winds, if you climbed to fast, how heavy you were.
Steps to save fuel
1)Step climb
2)Climb slowly
3)Take extra fuel
4) make sure flaps are all the way up(yes i’ve heard of that before)
Always take 4-5 hourd extra for future reference, as you can always dump fuel:)


Hmm alright .

Litteraly wastes 6 hours of my life 😂

The engines would cut and the OP would be greeted with a notification on their screen indicating that there was more than one device on the same account. Therefore the OP probably didn’t have this issue since they stated they stated that they had low fuel. 🙂

Alright I appreciate it everyone ,

Well maybe my account was hacked cause I wasn’t using my account on another device

Um🤦🏻‍♂️ were your engines cut because of fuel or because the game cut your engines because your account was active on a different device

No. It was most likely factors such as weight and headwind which caused you to use up more fuel than expected.

I know that for sure I was not on a different device . It must have been something with the fuel

What message showed up on your screen. Low fuel. Or your device is being used on a different account throttle will be cut?

Low fuel was on the HUD

Thanks everyone

Then take 4-5 hours more fuel, and you’ll be good:) and follow the steps i indicated earlier in the post

Well if you were taxiing for a long time and holding short for a long time then that might be the case

Although this situation has happened to me where it shows that I don’t have enough fuel to get to the destination when I took off with more than enough, however overtime it does eventually correct itself and says that I actually do have enough fuel to get to the destination.

To sum it up…

I took a look at the winds around the route you were flying, and most of those winds were taliwinds. @Altaria55 was most likely correct about the inaccurate fuel estimations.

In addition, as many people in this topic stated, you would’ve been quite heavy, so it was important that to avoid losing too much fuel during climb. Therefore, step-climbing and ascending with around 1800-2000 fpm at first would be ideal.

Another possibility for this situation was your cruising speed. Flying right below the overspeed
limit results in a bigger fuel burn and therefore losing too much fuel before landing. But this seems unlikely but I really don’t know, this is all learned from the other IF masters

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That makes sense I appreciate it

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